Blind Repair & Installation Services across Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, CA

When we say we can fix or advise on any type of blind we are serious - Altoro from Blind Repair Service has seen every type and wants to give you the best advice and price on making your windows beautiful again. We will not give exact prices until he can asses the problems first hand. Saving you time money and hassle as once set we will not change the price as we cover different service areas everyday so you don’t pay for service trips. We only charge for parts, repair and installation. For repairs that need additional parts we will keep you informed and not charge additional for extra trips. Our range of services have expanded and now include:

  • Blind Repairs Rohnert Park

    Blind Repairs

    While dependent on type we will always give the best advice we can prices start at $75.

  • Blind Installation San Francisco

    Blind Installation

    Quick and efficient if you need or want new blinds installed we will give you the best price and service we can with prices starting at $75, and with 30 years of experience we will give you quality work.

  • Blind Restringing Rohnert Park

    Blind Restringing

    Prices are usually flat rates for blinds under 72" it is $125 per blind with a discount of $25 per blind for three or over. For blinds over 72" a price of $145 with a $20 discount applied for three or more per blind. A 10% discount applies for all drop ins on services provided.

  • Blind Repair Stream Cleaning

    Blind Steam Cleaning

    In home steam cleaning can add a new life to your blinds and ad to there life. Prices are usually $35-45 depending on the blind type but we give competitive prices, one trip and we can make you blinds life new again.

  • Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Rohnert Park

    Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

    New technology that gives a deeper, more long-lasting cleaning to leave your blinds like new. We use sound waves to deeply penetrate the blinds. Not always suitable for older types. Starting at $45 per blind. Due to the size of the machine this is available in store only for the moment